Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I've been using this super-handy note-taking utility called EverNote lately. It's kind of hard to describe; here's how the Wall Street Journal describes it:

"Note takers, take note...EverNote turns your computer into a notebook that is, in effect, comprised of a continuous long sheet of paper -- like a Web page that keeps going and going."

I love it.. and it's free (for now, anyway)

Wow - so much to do, so much to cover. I've been busy this week with Sharepoint and Content Management Server, in preparation for this pesky 74-132 test this weekend. This is one of those "partner" tests. No practice tests are available for this; let's just hope it all goes well..

In other news - SQL Server 2005 has been occupying a large part of my small brain lately. I attended a 2-day overview of the new features in SQL Server 2005 for developers. Wow. Not only was the little class very well done, but SQL Server 2005 has some great new things to play with, such as: A service broker that can be manipulated all with Transact SQL (it's all at the database level), some very cool CLR integration, the XML data type, etc and so on. It's been fun.

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